Pray Attention Ministries -   "The woman of a thousand prayers"
About Pray Attention Ministries ...

is an integral  part of the powerful,
user-friendly Rhythm of our Universe, 
and It's here for you!

Our ministry is here to enhance your life! 
We encourage you to bring forth an openness of body, mind and soul -through movement, music and conversation - loosen your beliefs of what prayer is and is not, as a Living Prayer...
About Reverend Diane...

Rev. Diane, the woman of a thousand prayers, is delighted to be senior minister of Unity of Naples, a gorgeous commUnity located on 17.5 acres in Naples FL. She has served God glocally - speaking, teaching, leading retreats, and spiritual experiences in Honduras, Peru, Costa Rica, Nepal, Brazil and Mexico. As an adventurer, she has trekked 480 miles across Spain on El Camino and summited the world's highest mountain pass in Nepal. She served 12 years as senior minister of Unity of Roanoke Valley VA; and is an author, TV host + radio personality and 2009 recipient of the YWCA Women of Achievement Award in Religion. Diane in-enjoys ministry, family, friends, teaching, yoga, running and writing.

Through Pray Attention Ministries, Rev. Diane is devoted to inspiring and serving people of all walks of life with disarming, fresh perspectives. She loves to work with individuals or groups of all sizes and ages. One of the people whom she served says, "In the lightness of her being, your swords can become plowshares."

Pray Attention
can do for you 
or your community:

  • Interactive Experiences to help bring forth divine wisdom from within you... 
  • Church Ministry in every form, with the Formless
  • Mentoring for Ministers, Boards, Prayer Chaplains
  • Spiritual Coaching, Consulting  (individuals, couples, groups)
  • Special Services and Classes 
  • Weddings, Christenings, Memorial Celebrations of Life...
  • Interactive Prayershops
  • Sacred Geometry Talks  /  Labyrinth Walks
  • Individual and Team Goal-setting and Visioning
  • Creative Writing Experiences
  • Co-inspired Events to  suit your needs
  • Group Retreats and Spiritual Journeys
  • Unity Spiritual Social Action Events 


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