Pray Attention Ministries -   "The woman of a thousand prayers"

Rev. Diane Praying at the Casa In Brazil


Responses to our Daily-Pray-It-Forwards

Hello “Woman of a thousand prayers”. You are such a transparency for God Diane.  Congratulations for glorifying the infinite possibilities of God individualized as your life.Keep on praying and teaching sister. The world needs you. God is all there is, and there is no place I’d rather be.
Loving you.

In response to the DPIF,"Take a positive, progressive step..." THANKS FOR THAT BEAUTIFUL THOUGHT! Just what I needed. Stay blessed.

In response to the DPIF, "Just thank people all day..." Thanks for your dedication to the daily blessing that you give us!

In response to the DPIF, "Just don't give stuff any meaning..." Good one ... (and with lots of meaning).    ;)   -- ron

In response to the DPIF, "Give up doubt for a faith lift today!" I like this one! 

In response to the DPIF, "What would you do if you were brave?" I'd creatively and lovingly attend to my growing edges.   (both the rough and smooth ones)   Blush   -- rb

In response to the DPIF, "I divine dare you to smile for 1 minute..." I accept the challenge! 

In response to the DPIF, "Do something brave today!" I promised myself after almost kicking the bucket that I would reach out to the people that were important in my life and say thanks.  So thanks for being my friend when i really needed one.  I’ll never forget the times we spent talking and motorcycling and just sharing a meal.  So thank you!!!​ ~ SH​

In response to the DPIF, "Next time you don't agree, wait and see..."I put some turnips, my eleven-year-old son's least-favorite vegetable, on his dinner plate and instructed him to eat everything. He cleaned his plate, except for the turnip.I pointed out to him that if he'd eaten it earlier, he wouldn't have been left with its taste in his mouth at the end of the meal. Thoughtfully, he replied, "I guess I was just trying to delay the inedible." 

In response to DPIF, "Use your library card when you check out..." I REALLY LIKE THAT ONE…

Ahhh Diane!
I was just sharing your daily prayers with a new friend here.  I appreciate you SO MUCH!  
love love love,

In response to the DPIF, "What are you waiting for?" OHH, you are SO on target, sistah'!
LOVE what you do and how you shine!

In repsonse to the DPIF, "Be more curious about being healthy..."In January of this year I quit eating anything that has sugar in it!  I released 29 pounds and feel SO MUCH BETTER and my brain is more “clear”! I know that I have an addiction to sugar so I don’t eat it!  Best decision I ever made.

I response to the DPIF, "Open to any page and see what's here..." I love doing this with my spiritual and inspirational books!

In response to the DPIF, Love is being born in you, anew!" Merry Christmas, Rev. Diane. It was meant for me to run into you at Food for thought with the Yoga teacher. ( name slips my mind .) I have taken her class and will continue to do so in the New Year. Thank you for being the person you are. You have shown me another side of my religion. Thank you ~Mary 

In response to the DPIF, "Eat foods that grow in soil to ground you!" Thank you!  Happy New Year! And thanks for your dedication this past year for giving us these wonderful daily messages.  I look forward to reading them every day!

Hello dearest D,
We are driving down to Fairhope, AL today to facilitate a retreat, and we are listening to Your beautiful CDs.
SO cool!
We send tons of love,
​~ Karen & Stowe​​

I just received my Christ Scent oil. Thank you for providing and sharing this special gift. And thanks for your daily thoughts. It's amazing how often I carry those thoughts with me throughout the day. 
Much Love and Light ~

In response to the DPIF, "Bless the water you drink, all day..." Thank you for the reminder. 
Loving hugs.

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