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Rev. Diane Praying at the Casa In Brazil


Responses to our Daily-Pray-It-Forwards

I would like for you to know that I had two profound spiritual experiences during your time at First Unity. One was when you anointed me with oil on the last day of the class that I emailed you about. I felt a surge of warmth and a moment of perfect peace and serenity. This was the first time that I had an awareness that I was totally in touch with my Divinety, felt connected to the vibration of Spirit and the Universe. The second was at a John of God event at Jackie's house in which I had a similar connection to the infinite and experienced a healing (that I realized many years later. 

I believe that we all have the power within us to perform miracles. Thank you for connecting with me on a Spiritual level and for being a vessel of light and love. Your ministry has made a profound difference in my life!
In response to the DPIF, "Shine like a star today, because you can!" I see your twinkling eyes ...Thank you God.
In response to the DPIF, "Look for joy in your day, and feel it!" You hit it out of the park! ~ LA
In response to the DPIF, "How fun would it be to do a drive-by blessing?" Drive-by blessing. Love it!
In response to the DPIF, "Could you do something energizing right now?"  For starters, I gazed at your photo for 15 seconds and the energy brought a nice smile to my face ... which is still there. Thank you God.
In response to the DPIF, "You won't stay "here," so, enjoy the precarious perfection of what's coming forth right now..." Ahhhhhh....perfectly said Rev. Diane.  I've been spending as much time "there" as possible. Visualising my Dream life...Thank you for giving me more inspirations ❤ To Our Mutual Wealth! Namaste,~Leighton.
In response to the DPIF, "What about those "acorns," you evolving being?" Mighty Oaks with "inner acorns" on-the-grow. God bless your continuing sacred nourishing ministry and be-ing. 

In response to the DPIF, "
In response to the DPIF, "Could you Be a High-Lighter for good?" Today, I'll join God who High-Lights with the sun real good. And if S/he makes a mistake, S/he washes it with rain. P.S.  Yesterday, I received in the mail my Amazon order of Ken Wllber's lastest book (806 pages :-) "The Religion of Tomorrow".  In it he says:
"... Unity Church ... has formally adopted the AQAL Integral Framework into its official teachings, and they are overseeing pragmatic explorations into how best to interweave an Integral Christianity into their congregations."  (pg. 510)
In response to the DPIF, "Is this day is full of potential for you, or what?" Absolutely, Rev. Diane...That's exactly how my day has been...Thank you 
In response to the DPIF, "Have you said "Thank You" yet today?" Yes I have Rev. Diane ... and now I extend my thank you to you for praying it forward ...Continual Blessings

Yours in Christ consciousness as we "spring clean our lives", "blossoming kindness". 

Namaste, Leighton.

I am up,

no ripples yet,

coming from a hidden spring
And now --
Now I'm ready --

In response to the DPIF, "Thank You for this day of original Good!" These are so clever, thank you, Diane. ❤️ Mary
In response the the DPIF, "Quietly think of what is FOR you, right Now_." Dearest Diane,You are such a blessing in my life!!!!!!  I so love and appreciate you! Always,Joanna
In response to the DPIF, "Decide what you want to expand, and, glow with It..."thanks for glowing Di. ~Angela 
Such a sweet powerful God request, thank you for your wonderful prayer. I know you were instrumental in helping baby Hunter to go home to his sweet family. He is 100% better and has even put on a bit of weight. You helped save our family from the worst grief ever. I am sure he is meant to do wonderful things for this world in his life.Thank you so much again and bless you, our special lifeline to God. ~Carol and Dr. J. Michael Nelson

I had just written the following words: "LIFE = a relational/structure/process of holographic-oragamic 5-6-7-8th dimension dynamic enfoldment in the mysterious infinite-intimacy of G.o.d. -- of All-That-Is."
Sure enough, you were totally correct!
Thank you with love, Ron
In response to the DIPIF, "This is a day to play and let your Spirit soar!" 
P.S.  Isn't it amazing how simple little mindful things, can make such a big conscious difference.
In response to the DPIF, "Feel the angels all around you, at this very moment..." Oh yes! I am divinely protected always. Thanks.
Your inspiring talks tickle my funny bones and my soul clown chakra
In response to the DPIF, "You can choose Peace this very moment..." I know you create these in advance but wanted to Thank You, your message today was perfect.  Blessings, Sandra

Dear Diane, 
Thank you, Diane, for sending me daily spirituals messages, for being our lovely, powerful and inspiring Minister and for all the other administrative jobs you do to make Unity my spiritual home.God bless you in your profound ministry,With love and appreciation, ~

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