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JOHN of GOD Healing Meditation DVD

A production of

Service at First Unity of St. Petersburg, FL with Rev. Temple Hayes and Casa Guides, Rev. Diane Scribner Clevenger and Chris Harker

Shipping is included.     $10

With the Mind of Your Heart, You Can Do a New Thing

NEW Pray Attention CD
Buy them from me at an event (Visit EVENTS page here).  Or purchase here ...

This CD is a joyous collaboration with Holy Spirit. The original live music, messages, meditation and recording poured through us for you to IN-JOY.  With blessings of Loving de-Light, we hope you’ll Pray-It-Forward to those you love. Thank you for your ongoing support, and Thank You God.

Shipping is included, $15

Pray Attention ... to your Self
Prayer and Meditation CD

Wherever you are you can take a moment to Pray Attention to the things going on around you.  Connect with your spiritual center and allow the movement of the day to drift into the movement of your soul.  

The Beloved is here no matter where you are … Listen.

  Quote from the CD:
"Divine Light is illuminating your Holy Temple as never before,
nurturing your deep longing to see and hear God,
where you have your Being,
as you choose to be Born Anew with yourself.  
Listen ..."

LISTEN to some tracks from our CD:
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Five Selections, shipping is included.     $15


Christ Scent Oil

This oil is a blend of the purest plant essentials available, and in most cases, from wild harvested plants that were grown, and lovingly processed by people whose traditions for preparing sacred oil runs deeper than the pages of history.   

Glenda Green has created her oils through years of experience with the alchemy of anointing oils, her refined artistic sensitivity, and a very high spiritual atunement to the states of bliss and well being we all seek.  Christ Scent is designed to enhance the quality of your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. It is created for the Celebration and the nurturing of life.   

Jeshua, Jesus, came to visit Glenda Green after having visited her, over a period of time, to have her paint his portrait. She wrote of this extraordinary experience in her book, Love Without End. The formula Jeshua then gave her for Christ Scent, is a proprietary blend of five precious oils: frankincense for transcendence, myrrh for the healing of the heart, sandalwood for universality, and sage for wisdom and purification. The fifth oil is not public information.   

This particular formula has been developed under the direction of Jeshua to promote spiritual, mental, and emotional elevation as we restore the Temple of our Lives. Christ Scent can have profound, and even “miraculous” effects on those who resonate with its life-enhancing properties. May Christ Scent enhance your life and the lives of those you bless with this extraordinary gift.

$30 per bottle (1/3 oz.)  includes shipping
1/8 of a bottle anoints ≈300 people! 

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