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According to The Pew Forum's
2008 U.S. Religious Landscape Survey,
Nearly six in ten adults in the U.S. say
they pray at least once a day.
Does that sound like a lot?
Given our old definitions of "prayer," how can we "pray constantly"?
Are we thinking of "prayer" as a noun, a verb, or both?
How about a new INFINITION of what "prayer" can be as YOU?

Praising our One, all-inclusive, user-friendly, God Essence - in Albuquerque

in this modern, hustle-bustle world can seem totally impossible.
What is this "constant prayer" we are called to practice; and how can we change our lives for the better, no matter what's going on?
Excellent questions - with only, One Answer... and so many paths... 
The Sufi master teacher and poet, Rumi, tells us

After all, the purpose of The Prayer is not to stand and bow 
all day long.
The purpose is to possess continuously that fragrant state which appears to you in prayer.
Asleep or awake, writing or reading, in every state, never be empty of remembrance.
Be rather one of those moving constantly within prayer...
All One,  Ah-women,  Ah-Children, Ah-men.


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