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Church Candles

We'd love for you to support Pray Attention Ministries with "Amazon Smile"

If you want Amazon to donate to Pray Attention Ministries, just  start your shopping at the URL, and Amazon will Donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to our non-profit organization. Ta-Dah! 


"CC says:. "It's such an easy way to give (once I remember to sign up, very easy with PayPal). Now I don't have to think about it, the Universe

 (acting as PayPal) just does if for me every month!" 



A New Thought on "Tithing"… 

Tithing rocks! 

If you’re already tithing, you know what you are receiving as a result. Congrats for having the wisdom to keep your abundance flowing!

If you’ve not yet tithed it can seem like an silly old rule of religiosity. 

I know, yuck! Who wants to give money away; and Why?

Tithing is an IN-vestment Opportunity!

There’s nothing magical that happens. You increase what you love, 

by gratefully investing in what prospers you by staying IN the Flow... 

Praying-It-Forward affects your prosperity on every level. 

It feels so good, it becomes a contagiously generous way of being.


You're demonstrating your trust in (y)our limitless Source; 

and if you're not sure, just give it a go!  Practice the Presence of God.

You and I have been given 100% of everything we have; and we tithe 10% to “prime the pump” by giving to our earthly time, talent, and treasure. "As you give, so you receive." for real!

  • IF you have been uplifted by Daily Pray-It-Forwards 

  • IF our prayers have held you and your beloveds up

  • IF we have enhanced your life in any way

  • IF we have served you or your loved ones 

  • IF our being with you has benefited your life

  • IF you’ve received sound guidance and support

  • IF we have deeply listened to you and yours 

  • IF we have provided a place for your concerns

  • IF we have seen the Christ in you, no matter what

  • IF we have helped you see the Light within you

  • IF we’ve helped you clarify what your path

  • IF we've provided you with some useful tools

Bottom line

 Tithing is a fabulous way to 

keep the flow of divine energy moving in your life!

Why you may want to Donate to Pray Attention Ministries

Thank you!
I'm honored to be Loving Light with you, Diane

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