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Haven on Earth... A spiritual practice designed to calm and center you

“Havening” is a simple, effective ‘hugging’ technique that works by generating a brain delta wave that becomes a change agent through the soothing touch of the palms of your hands on your shoulders, upper arms, lower arms, hair, face, and then tapping your “third eye.”


In this Body Prayer, you’ll slow your breathing to still your body and mind to allow old energies to clear. Any distress will immediately reduce as you begin havening. The shift that takes place moves you from a sympathetic reaction (fight, flight, freeze, or fawn) to a stabilizing para-sympathetic response that will calm and center you. Just relax, speak the affirmation, follow the movements, and in-joy!

~  The Four Movements for practicing Haven on Earth ~

  1. "God Is": Bring your hands together in Namaste - above your head and then to your heart...

  2. "I Am": Slowly drop your hands to your sides into a relaxed ‘mountain pose'...

  3. "Thank You God": Circle your hands up into a V, toward the sky, head back, heart open...

  4. "Amen": Bring your hands down to Hug yourself - lightly stroke your shoulders, upper arms, lower arms, hair, face, and then tap your “third eye”.

May your Haven on Earth practice bless the way you live your life.


With loving Light,


Pray Attention Ministries, 2022

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